Sunday, 5 January 2014



In my school everyone have their own computer from grade 6 (1 to 1 students). The younger students have Ipad but not their own.  They can work 1 to 1 student one lesson every day. I also work as “lärspridare” at our school. It means that I have time to search IT information, which is useful for the students.

There are a lot of apps in English; we have tried a few ones. Some apps we use to train vocabulary, these can be use in both English and Swedish. “Skrivis” and “stavningslek” is two apps we have used.

One app that I have tried in grade 3 is Puppet Pals. This app you can use both in English and Swedish.  In Puppet Pals you start to choose what theme you want the show should be about (Christmas, fairytale, monsters, on the farm etc). After that they choose actors, you can even take picture of yourself. Then you choose backdrops, even here you can use your own pictures.  Then you start record and move the actors in various scenes. We show the shows for everyone in the class. The students like this app very much!

Lotta Blomberg