Sunday, 24 February 2013

Smart board

The Smart board is an interactive whiteboard that gives you a great deal of resources to use in the classroom. It works just like a whiteboard which you can write on with a pen. It also works like an giant Ipad that you can write on through the computer or by hand. The Smart board have all the benefits of a whiteboard and on top of that access to Internet and a lot of lesson plans made especially for the Smart board and all of it´s functions.

When you are getting a Smart board you need to buy the concept from a retailer. It´s rather expensive to invest in Smart boards depending on size but it is well spent money. When you buy a smart board you get the specially adapt whiteboard, a interactive projector and a computer program, Notebook, that you can download on every computer. When you buy the Smart board you can also buy especially made programs suited for the classroom. One more thing, if you buy the Smart board from the retailer it is often included further training and free updates on the software.

The smart board can be used by the teacher to make lesson plans, to save material and to share whit other teachers on different sites on the Internet. There is also lots of pre-made lessons that is offered in every school subject. A lot of educational publishers makes adapted material to use on the Smart board. It is a great way for the teacher to save material and to re-use and to repeat for the pupils whats been said on earlier lessons.

For the pupils its it´s an easy and very useful resource to use. It completes a lot of the aims in Lgr11. The pupils can learn how to handle the digital tool in many ways for example to type, make photo- and picture adjustments, make presentations and make movies. A big benefit with the Smart board is that if one pupil is absent for the day the teacher can save the lesson notes from the board and send them home directly from the smart board so that the pupil can catch up with what they have missed during the day.

 I think that the Smart board is a ICT tool that both teachers and pupil will benefit of and the pupils will get a lot of ”free knowledge” in using this ICT resource that they can use in their further studies and working life.


  1. Hi!
    I think that your blogpost was really interesting. At my school, we do not have any smartboards, but I have heard so much positive about them. I have never been using any smartboard either, and your blogpost gave me good information about what it is and how to use it!
    I did not know that I could reach and use pre-made lessons in different subjects. That is really good! Why invent the wheel again? There are so many things to think about as a teacher and so many subjects to make interesting lessons around, and in the view of that, it is great to have that resource. Is it difficult to use the pre-made lessons? Do I have to have a lot of pre-knowledge about how to use the smartboard?
    Another good thing about the smartboard is the opportunity to save lesson-notes. As you wrote, the pupils who not participate in the lesson can have the notes by e-mail and catch up with what they have missed. It also seems great to have the opportunity to save the notes as a teacher! There are many times that I have to make the notes from the whiteboard on a paper and then re-create the notes on the whiteboard when it is time for the next lesson!
    The pupils often have a great knowledge about how to use the computer and ICT on the whole, and it seems like the smartboard appeals to the pupils. Of course another advantage with the smartboard is the fact that it is working with the demands in LGR11.
    I do hope that my school can buy smartboards and have the possibility to work with them. You have increased my interest with your blogpost!

    Good luck with your work with smartboard, Maria!

    /Jeanette Johansson

  2. Hi Maria!
    You made me re-interested in smartboard!
    Lidköping is a municipality that invests a lot in digital tools and education about it. Three years ago I worked at fritids in a school in Lidköping. I was really interested in digital tools and also worked a lot with our website. We got a smartboard and I got a education on it, and was appointed to learn my colleagues. I started to work with our Smartboard, both at fritids and with the class I was working a lot in. I was inspired and showed my colleagues, but they didn't take the time to use the smartboard room. Just a few month later I got an offer to work as a teacher in another school. At my new work we had 2 smartboards, but not even close to my classroom. A lot of things made it hard for me to use the smartboard so I have only used it a couple of times the past 2 years. Instead we have a projector in every classroom and I work a lot with that, but YOU made me want to start use the smartboard again and I will do my best to switch classroom to a classroom with a smartboard during the summer (my colleagues don't use it anyway).
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Thank you! It was nice to hear that my blog has been an inspiration for you and that you have the opportunity to get back on track with the Smart board agin.