Thursday, 2 May 2013

Storybird- Artful storytelling

Storybird provides an opportunity to create the most imaginative stories from a number of picture, or rather the illustrations of a particular artist. Storybirds are short, art inspired stories that are fun ti make, share and read. These stories become virtual books which can be shared with classmates, teachers or the whole world if you so wish. Storybird is an excellent tool for the teacher to help the pupils to read and write better, in a joyful way.

Currently you only  can enjoy the books on Storybird through a browser but hopefully it will also be possible to print their stories.

Storybird is free and you can use Storybird without getting an account, but I  still recommend that you to get one. If you have an account you can, as a teacher,  create different accounts for your class and add new assignments. Their output is pooled together in a library of stories. The pupils and the teacher can add comments to each story and “heart this” if you like a story.

To get started you need to press the heading “Teachers” on the first page and then sign up for free. After you have signed up you just create an account of your own and then create the class or classes and add the pupils.

To make a storybird you press the heading “Create” and then you choose which pictures you would like for your story. You can choose pictures according to artist and according to given themes. When you have chosen a theme or an artist you just begin to create your story.

I have used Storybird in two of my current classes and my pupils really like creating new stories in this new way.

If you are interested please visit and sign in.

Anna Jigström


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