Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Blog post about Glosor.eu

I want to write a little about a program that is free for everyone to use. www.glosor.eu
It´s a fun way to learn your vocabulary for the week. The first thing you must have is an acount on this website. Then you can create maps for different type of words that you want to train. The word that you are going to learn you write in to the computer. It´s funnier if you have a computer with a big screen.
Now when you start training the words of the week, you can train it in many different ways. You can of course do it as a regular hearing from swedish to english. But also as memory, match the words, traingame, mahjong, sort letters and some other things.
For me as a teacher it´s easy to put the pupils for example two and two and train together in or outside the classroom. It´s a good and funny way for thoose pupils who don´t work with their homework at home so much. Or the one who doesn´t has so good handwriting. You can also create groups so the pupils can practise at home with the words. It´s good to show them on a big screen in the classroom fist so they are sure how to use it. But this is most a progam for skills training so that you must consider. It can also be good that the students still write the words by hand. Other teachers can also share your words in the groups you´ve been creating.

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  1. I like this website as well and I use it quit frequently. We have created an account in school were all my pupils can get access and I'm writing the words. They can choose the category they want to work with in school and at home.
    The biggest disadvantage is that it's only one correct answer. Both Englis and Swedish have a lot of synomyms. But if you explain it to the pupils they usually understand. If they are workin in school they can show the other word to the teacher and get some feedback.
    I think the biggest advantage is for the pupils who tend to don't care about school, don't like homework or don't like to write. They get more motivated with glosor.eu.
    I never force my pupils to work with glosor.eu, it's only one alternative among others. I like "wordcards" as well, another way of learning words.

    Anneli Ritzén