Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Using Kids English Zone as a ICT resorce

Using Kids English Zone as an  ICT resource.

I teach a second grade class and I have just started to teach them English . I want them to get interested and have fun during this lesson.  Sometime I show the program Kids English Zone. You find it at mediacentrum ( you can easily stream it home. It is good to have a projector .You need to be a member. There are around 26 different programs with different themes. There are programs with themes like colours, clothes, numbers, family, fruits, body and more. Easy things the students know about.
A program is 13 minutes. The program repeat things from the other programs so I recommend to watch them in order. Age from 6-9 .
The program always starts with Hello My name is…Whats your name?  They encourage the students to answer the questions in the classroom. They repeat a lot.
A program has at least one song . They want the students to sing along. The program has different easy dialogues with children. “Who is this? This my mother…
At the end of the program two men has comic dialogue about the theme. The children really likes it!  They repeat something from the last program before its end.

Why is this good for learning English?
Its free. The children have to listen and they encourage them to talk. You have to concentrate and you are watching something. Its fun and they repeat a lot. The children will recognize things. They don’t have to listen to the teacher! They sing songs. You learn to pronounce words. You can say things and no one listens. You use ICT and not a book! A program is only 13 minutes and hopefully the can concentrate that.

Before or after a program I work with the theme they had talked about on the program. We can talk in pairs asking each other for example “What is this?” It’s a mouth. Or we can count the numbers in choir or paint pictures repeating the colours.
My children like this program a lot! Try it you too! Good Luck!
Susanne Eklund

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  1. Hi
    I have used this program for about 10 years and I still think it´s a very useful program. There is not much speak in it but the persons how is in it do a great job just showing things and the audience understand the message. As you mentioned there is a lot of repeating but my children has never found it humdrum.
    You have described the program just perfectly above. I hope more teachers get interested to use this program.Because it is so good to younger learners.

    Titti Eriksson