Monday, 15 October 2012

A class blog

My class have a blog. Every week there are two new students who write about what the class have been doing at school during the week. I like this idea better than the idea of writing weekly or so letters to the parents about the plans for the coming week. I used to do that but found it was quite stressful to actually DO all the things I'd written down and planned to do,because as you all know, working as a teacher especially with younger kids, things happenes all the time. I am not all in charge of my time and planning.

The bloggers sit together and plan what they want to say about the week. I do want them to write in a way that will interest the readers, not with bulletin points or one word sentences. This is a great way to work extra on the writing. The bloggers also upload pictures and films, they might even edit them first too. They are in charge of the whole presentation and know the password for the administration user as we all are administrators for our blog. This gives them all a sense of responsibility, managing and protecting a password. They are also very polite in the way they express themselves no bullying, making fun of each other or so. Sometimes they comment each other and it is usually quite cheerful.

Next I have another dynamic page on the blog where I post homework. It is usually a text for them to read and questions to answer. My idea is to have Swedish and English texts, and texts with science or social studies input as well. This is to give them experience to do work on the computer and not only visit game sites och social sites. Next year they will all use Fronter in their now school and will be given one to one computers and they  will need to use a digital calendar and follow the plans the different teachers have laid out in their "home room". Doing home work on the computer is also quite fun as it is a new thing for them. 


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  1. I've also created a class blog in English and in Swedish 2- but we are waiting for the Macs. As it is now we have only old computers and the logins and the Internet isn't always working. So I'll let the blogs rest for a while...:(

    But works alright in one class (SFI-group) since they'll get their Macs any day now and meanwhile can use computers that work quite ok. The problem is to help all 13 students to create their own dropbox accounts. Luckily there are students that know how to download and create the accounts. Next week I hope all my SFI-students will have their own dropboxes and have started to download their texts and comment on each others texts.