Monday, 15 October 2012

Before blogging became so popular...

Seven years ago I worked with a class in fifth grade (later 6th). They were absolutely amazing...I could do anything with them, suggest anything to them and they gladly did it. We had so much fun! Together we made this page with their short stories, poems...Check out Hanna's saga...The man mentioned in the story (Rony) was a VFU-student that all girls were crazy about. ;) and Hanna (18) is now sharing her time between studies and politics.

Barn i krig (An animated film my class made when they were sixth graders)
They also made an animated film about the Swedish election 2006, but I haven't uploaded it yet on Youtube. Hanna says it's my fault that she's into politics because of the theme about politics and the film we made. I gladly accept it's my fault ;)


  1. I loved the film. What program did you use? Puppet pals?

  2. What function does Kulturkontoret have? What is their role? Do they supply extra resources?

    I am an upper secondary teacher who thinks it is very sad that esthetics is no longer a compulsory course after compulsory school. Thanks for sharing your work. Have you made the children and parents sign a paper that publication is ok? I am just curious, because again this is also something that we have to take into cosideration if you have children with a hidden identity.