Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fun short movies, a way to learn easy everyday English.

At my school we do not have many ICT tools available, but we do have one computer in each classroom and I am also lucky to have a projector. I mainly use this to look at films. When it comes to using it in English, I have found some great short programs at av-centralen, http:// www.sli.se.

To be able to look at these movies you have to have an account at av-centralen, which is free of charge. You also have to ask for access to their streaming programs.

The films Kids English Zone are produced by BBC, which in my experience stands for good quality. The programs are for beginners, 6-9 years old, and last about 10 minutes. The contents of the short movies well agree with Lgr 11. The topics are well known to the children and about everyday life. The programs are about things that interests children.  Examples of topics are; family, interests, food, clothes and animals. They use a dialogue to communicate these subjects, which makes it easy for us to continue in the same way after the movie.

The films are all listed in the same way, which I think is good. The pupils recognize themselves in the programs and can concentrate on English. The children are the same, they repeat everything several times, and there are songs and also a comedy part. There is also a part that stimulate to creative work. Like for instance when they talk about body parts they show some children drawing one body part each and then putting it together as one body. It looks fun and is very inspiring and the children often want to do something similar.

My experience is that the children love the movies and they get familiar to many English words, sentences and expressions. They learn English in a fun way. After the programs, it is time to speak what they have learnt.          

Maria Kjellberg




  1. We also watch Kids English zone in our class. The children love it and I notice that they learn a lot by looking at the programs. There is also another series on www.sli.se
    that is called Go Yoyo go that I could recommend.

  2. When I read your blog about BBC's films, I immediately got a taste for more. I will recommend these films for my colleagues as well. They include most things that entertain and motivate learning in children: repetition, songs, and a humouristic side. They are also of appropriate length.

  3. Thanks for the tip on films for English teaching, Unfortunately, there is no access to the AV center's program for every one, your municipality need to have a contract with them. My municipality has a a contract with ne.se instead and if you have that you are able to see all programs from ur.se. Both “Kids English Zone” and “Go Yoyo Go” can be found there, among many other programs.

  4. I have chosen to comment the blog about Fun short movies, Kids Zone, because I also use this program in my teaching. I have account at av-centralen and access to their streaming programs. I think it is a very good resource, where you can find fairy tales and movies, in varying degrees of difficulty. You can also find traning program about England and children in England. It is very good it is free of charge.
    I think it is a very good idea to use Kids Zone in learning and teaching situations. It will well agree with Lgr 11. The topics are well known to the pupils and they can repeat and say after the children in the movie. They get familiar to many English words, sentences and expressions. The pupils laugh and like the comedy part. They often ask to to see the program. As a teacher you are lucky and can show them.Monica Andersson,4 october 1EN06U