Wednesday, 25 September 2013

iPad as a translation tool

Swedish as a second language is a part of my work at school. The understanding between newly arrived pupils and the teacher is problematic in the beginning, especially in the enviroment of the classroom. Last spring, we got the economical possibility to purchase a couple of iPads as a technical help in our education.

A translation application ("Say Hi") for the iPad has been a very good help to overcome previously mentioned language barriers. It works like an "interpreter" between student and teacher and is used with great advantage both individually / in groups, in the classroom / in small groups. This application also has been used successfully, during meetings with the pupils' parents, even if it can not replace a human interpreter.

There are some weaknesses with the tool since the translations might be wrong. The application is still a great help in the daily work for all participants.

Other applications are used for these iPads as well. Most of them catch the pupils' interest. The possibilities with all the different applications that are available feel endless.
It is very satisfying to see the pupils' joy/relief over being understood and to understand. 

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