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I teach grade 2 in primary school. This autumn we have begun with English at a basic level. In my class I have a student who is a native English speaker. Therefore, I must give him completely different tasks.  I have great help from a website called Länkskafferiet. From here, I download tasks and games etc. With this tasks and games my student can work independently and he really values to work with these. My student is 9 years old and he likes Go Yoyoy, Listen to CBeebies  (radio programs and games), Sportmixer (sport words), Childrens’s Storybooks (texts which are easy to read) and WizQuiz (crosswords and games).

Länkskafferiet (the Swedish Link Library) is a referatory for educational use and is meant to be a pedagogical aid for Swedish pupils, between 5 and 18 years of age, in their search for useful information on the Internet. Teachers can use the service to guide the pupils in their search and find good resources for lesson planning.

Länkskafferiet consists of subject structured and quality-assessed Internet information resources. All the web sites are classified and arranged in 12 main themes and 20 curriculum subjects.

Pupils under the age of 13 have their own subject tree.

Every Internet web site has its own record which contains information about the title, a short description, keyword(s) and language. From each title there is a link, with point-and-click access, direct to the cited web site. The latest 50 records are available in a special list of new links. A form provides users with a means to interact with the system.

Länkskafferiet is a service in the field of ICT in School and has continuing support from Umeå University.

Ulrika Malmqvist

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