Monday, 14 October 2013


In our school we have projectors in every classroom to use during our lessons.
I am using the projector to look at some movies both in English and Swedish. We have visit YouTube and listened to some songs in English and sing together. This is a very good way to teach the children songs in English and verbal communication.
You can also use the projector to Skype with people in another country. We have used it to talk to one of the students that have moved to Miami. When you use Skype you have to connect the computer to the projector and to use Skype you have to download the program. The program is free and can be downloaded on The children can see the person we are talking to on the big screen when we Skype and they can also hear the person talk. This is a very good tool to use to be able to keep in touch with people that lives far away and even in another country. It doesn’t matter where you live we can always keep in touch with each other.
We also use the computer to look for English words that we are unsure of the spelling. We visit Google and look for translations from Swedish to English. In this way you, as a teacher, show the children that you can’t spell to every word in English and they will learn how to find ways to search for spellings. We also use the computer connected to the projector when we are writing together. The children see the spelling on the big screen and can spell the words right. The computer is a very good tool to use in many ways.

Annelie Tholander


  1. I completely agree with you! The computer with the projector is a very good tool in many ways. I use it on my english lessons almost every time. We watch short movies, like Go Yoyo go, and we listen to music from youtube. I really got good tips from this blog with different websites that is useful.

  2. I think the projector is a great complement to teaching English. I also use the projector to se films, listen to music, and search for English words. One thing I use the projector for is scanning in texts, text that is going to be homework, texts that pupils have written, text that we should work with on the lesson and so on. By doing so we can look at the text together, search for difficult words and translate it into Swedish. I also use it to connect the ipad. Then I can show what app we should work with or look at something that the pupils have done.
    I think the idea with Skype was very interesting. This is something I would like to try with my pupils. By using Skype you challenge the pupils to use the English that they have learned. I think that is the biggest challenge in Swedish schools. Pupils know a lot of words but they don’t dare to use their knowledge and speak English. Skype is definitely something I would try with my pupils. Thank you for the tip!

    Sara Skagerström 1En06u

  3. I also think the projector is a great complement. We don´t have it in all classroom but in some. I also see films, listen to music and show all the class work that the children created.