Friday, 11 October 2013


Storybird is a free, web-based application that can be used by students, teachers and parents.
Here you can create, read and share visual stories!

Here you can let yourself be inspired by imaginative pictures to write your story or narrative. You can do it alone or with others, and you choose whether you want to share your virtual book. As a teacher you can create a class account that students can use to vent their typing bliss or get the chance to be inspired. Your students can share their stories with their parents, by e - mail if they want to do that.

For to start typing and selecting pictures, click on the "Create" menu and then puts you started!
 If you want to write directly you can do so, or if you want to get ideas, you can take help of various images.

When you use Storybird you can also read what other people have written and been isnpired of .Click on "Read" in the menu, and you get many different suggested topics and books you can read.

Elisabet Gustafsson 1EN06U

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