Tuesday, 26 March 2013

English teaching with digital stories

Learning a new language can be amazing and difficult at the same time. It´s important to make the language learners to be satisfied with their language learning. If they´re able to present something they´re fond of or interested in, you are on the way to success.

By using digital stories your pupils are able to paint pictures, or take photographs of something they´re familiar with. They are not forced to write, but they have to try to speak about their interests. This can be a much easier way for children that are shy, and not comfortable to speak in front of the class. They can hide a little behind the computer, but they are really involved with the presentation, and it looks very professional in the parents eyes.

By using digital stories you can mix many parts of school subjects. Your pupils can describe a certain subject in English. They can be able to use their art lessons or other subjects.
You can use digital stories to pupils in any age. It´s easy to make it possible for small children at preschool and you can make advanced digital stories with older students to make more advanced presentations.

Digital stories can be useful to teach how be safe in a presentation situation, as well as it can be useful for the other classmates to listen to their friends!

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  1. You say: "Digital stories can be useful to teach how be safe in a presentation situation..." and I agree. I have a lot of unsecure children who can´t really make themselves heard in the classroom, so I started with telling-story-groups. I´ve paired three kids together each time (new constellations each time)and given them pictures that make a story. Each one have to tell three different stories every time and give their teammates "two stars and a wish" afterwards so they can improve the next time they´re telling. At the fourth event I filmed them all telling with an Ipad - now remains to look at the films together.