Thursday, 14 March 2013

My four portfolio tasks

Portfolio task 1
Digital pen and whiteboard
We have a digital whiteboard called ebeam in every classroom in our school. It is a regular whiteboard (that you can use old school) and it gets interactive when you connect your computer to it and you can use a digital pen to write on the board. One benefit of using a digital pen is that you can save everything that you as a teacher or your pupils write and use them again later.  Benefit of using the digital whiteboard is that you can have your computer cloned to the whiteboard. This makes it easier for your pupils to take part of things you do, for example showing the news, a picture of something the pupils wonder about, showing the pupils how to use your blog etc.

Portfolio task 2
Easiteach is a programme developed for digital whiteboards. You must buy a school license to use it. It has pre-planned lessons that you can search for. It also has tools to help you make your own lessons. It includes different widgets such as a thermometer, a clock, a timer, random number generator using different counting in math etc. You can also share your lessons with others using easiteach. When you have finished your lesson you use the digital pen to show it to your pupils. They can interact if you have made assignments in your lessons when they are supposed to use the pen.

Portfolio task 3
This tool, witch I bring with me everywhere, helps me to document everything that my pupils do and learn. I can photograph them while they work and learn, I can have them photograph what they have learned. I can make videos and have the pupils make videos. If anyone has a question that we can’t answer we just Google it together, even if we are outside in the woods! We can upload the photographs and use other ICT-tools to make digital stories etc.

Portfolio task 4
Skype is a sort of phone programme that you can download to your smartphone, computer or Ipad. In my class we have one pupil witch lives abroad for a year, and one pupil that is very sick and infection sensitive and can’t come to school. Then we use Skype. With Skype you can make video calls to any one that has an account, a computer/Ipad/smartphone, and an Internet connection.  Using this the pupils that are away for a long period still feels connected to the class and a part of the thing the group does and learns. For me as a teacher I can maintain the relation and see what the pupils learn when she/he is away.

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