Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Myths and legends, E2BN by Jessica Dickson Gänger

 This is an interactive story sight with myths and legends.

On this site you can listen to over 65 myths and legends from all over the world. The myths and legends are for older pupils. But there is a section with ”Story Creator Stories” which is stories sent in by children in primary school, and some of them are quite easy to read.
You can listen or read the stories and watch the animated pictures. If you want you can print out a copy of the text. There is always a glossary to the story and if you want you can read how the story come about in ”Origins”.

I have used this sight to engage my third graders to write short English stories or just to write sentences to pictures.
You have a story board with 9 frames per chapter and each scene has an area for imagies and text. There is a lof of categories and characters like buildings, inside, landscape, children, creatures, men, mythical to choose from. You can rezice and move the objects around in the scene. There is a section with call outs lik biff, pow, boom. You can also upload images from your computer and add soud effects. When your image is finished,  type your text and move on to the next chapter and so on until your story is finished. You can also record your own voice to the images.
If you want to you can submit your story so that others can read and comment your story.

There is a ”How to” section where proffessionals like authors, actors, sound engineers and more, offers advice on topics such as: reading aloud, using sounds and storyboarding and writing.

You can try out this site with a ”trial version” but if you want to save or upload your work you have to register.

My experience is that children love the background images and the characters so much that the text almost comes by itself. The children can read a friend´s story and comment on, peer-assessment. And finally when they present their story/sentences on the smartboard infront of the class, they are so proud.

About E2BN, the Organisation:
”The East of England Broadband Network (E2BN) is one of 10 Regional Broadband Consortia (RBCs) set up by the Government to help raise standards in teaching and learning by the use of broadband technology” says EB2N

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