Sunday, 24 March 2013


I work with pupils in the 5th grade. Right now we use ”iMovie” when we have English lessons. In my School we have an iPad in each class and I have installed the iMovie app on it. Hopefully the pupils will have their own iPads when they are starting the 6th grade this autumn. Then it will be much more easier to use iMovie, because now we can’t use it at the same time. However, sometimes we can borrow iPads from other classes, which solves our problems.

It works to install iMovie both on a Mac computer and on an iPad. The advantage of having iMovie on an iPad, you can create movies and picture stories directly into the iPad. You do not need a camera, cables or other equipment. There are two choices when you are creating a movie, either a "new project", or a "new trailer".

In ”trailer mode” you can choose from twelve trailer templates for example Horror, Romantic, Pirates, and Adventure. The screen is divided into three fields when you are working in a trailer. In one field you will find videos, images and a camera. Above this field there is a preview window where you can watch your videos and test new effects. In the left field there is a storyboard, where you can write headlines.

In ”project mode” you will create a movie on your own, with your own imagination and ideas. Across the screen there is a toolbar where you can select various functions, for example videos, images, sounds and sound effects. You can also choose to film directly into the iPad. When you have filmed, all clips lies along a timeline and you can move them around until you are satisfied.

The app has pre-recorded music in various themes. These can be played in loops and works well to create the right mood in the movie. There are also a number of sound effects that can reinforce the plot of the movie You have the opportunity to record a narration in the film and you can also create your own music. But then you must have the app ”GarageBand” installed.

When the movie is finished, you can save it either on the camera roll or share it on different social websites like; YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or CNNiReport.
The pupils in my class have used both trailer-mode and project-mode. They have added photos and written their own texts and they have filmed different performances. IMovie is an easy programme and the pupils will learn very fast how to work with it.








  1. Hello Yvonne!
    I certainly agree that iMovie is useful
    In my school we use iMovie a lot with the pupils. My pupils are in second grade. Right now they have been working on "how to describe people" and to evaluate what they have learned and to document their progress we use iMovie. They practice a lot to describe a paper doll and when they feel ready they record themselves on iMovie.
    The pupils think it's fun, it will be worth more to them when it is saved and it is a great way for them to see / hear their development.

    Jessica Dickson Gänger

  2. Hello
    I agree with you, Yvonne and Jessica, that iMovie is a useful and a good program. I used to use iMovie a lot, but for a couple of years ago my municipality said no to Apple products. We then had to find other ways to edit our films. I have now taken it to me, that Apple products are not welcomed in our network and I have found new solutions. Microsoft has a product that is called Moviemaker and that works just as well. We use Movie Maker together with other programs/tools to document the progress that our pupils do the years they are with us. Just as we did with iMovie. Our pupils think that everything, so far, with computers is fun.