Sunday, 3 March 2013


I work as a teacher in the 1st grade at Grebyskolan in Kimstad, Norrkopings kommun, and I´m so lucky that I have got a Smartboard in my classroom.

 A Smartboard is an interactive whiteboard. To make the Smartbord work you have to connect it to a computer and, of course put, the power on. When a school purchases th “Smartboard” consept they also get the very usable software “Notbook” which is loaded with features to help you to make the most out of the Smartboard.

On the “Smartboard” you can clone your computer screen, so the pupils can see what you see on the computer screen. The board itself is a touch screen, so you can use your finger on the screen just like you are using an Ipad. It is also possible to use the Smartboard as a whiteboard and write with the special pens on it. Everything you do on the Smartbord is possible to save on the computer connected to it. It is also possible to connect a document camera to the Smarboard and show pictures, texts or other things you put under the camera. A great feature is that you can take pictures of the things you put under the document camera and save direct in your computer.

The Smartboard is very useful for me as a teacher. I can use it to stream films, I can type or write during the lesson and the pupils can see the text while I ´m writing, I can move objects around, I can create exciting and fun lessons in an easy way.
Another good thing with the Smartboard; you aren’t limited to the area of an ordinary whiteboard, which you have to wipe and then your notes are lost. On the Smartboard you can save, go back and rehearse everything.
I can use pictures, music and sounds to help the pupils increase their learning. There is also a lot of “ready to use” lessons for the Smatboard on the internet.

The pupils enjoy working with the Smarboard, they can write on it, they can move objects around and they can play games on it. They can work together in an easier way, because everyone can easily see it and get access to it. The pupils can present their work on the Smarboard, for example films made in PhotoStory or by connecting a document camera to the Smartboard and show paintings or hand written texts.

You have to consider that it takes a lot of time to learn how to use the Smartboard in an efficient way and you have to practice “learning by doing” and I think it´s a good investment of the time because it´s a great tool to use.
You have to keep in mind that it might take some time to get the equipment ready to use, so make sure you got time enough to prepare your lesson. 


  1. Critical Analysis of Smartboard
    I think the interactive whiteboard, Smartboard is a very useful tool for teachers and pupils. Notebook can be as good as Officeprogrammes. The big touchscreen gives educational possibilities for young learners and the teacher or the pupils don´t have to use the computer to press on. I agree with many teachers that it is good to work on the smartboard but you really have to change your way of using your way of using word and the whiteboard.
    You only need a laptop, projector and the smartboard to start the action. But I think many teachers only uses the computer and the projector, so the smartboard only becomes a white screen to look at. It´s positive that you can plan, save and work together with the class. I think it is a great way to get their attention. It is very important to interact with the audience.
    The big win is the tactil function that means you are active with mind and body. Games become more real and the feedback comes right away. All the pictures gives a visual effect and a good function is to take pictures. The gallery has many pictres for creating exercises.
    The specialpens to the smartboard are a fun thing but have no big pedagogical effect. You don´t need a smartboard to streem film. It´s good that you can save your work and use it later on, and rehearse. The gadgets are fun but they need to be a part of a teachers planning.
    Music and pictures can help the teachers. The best way of learning is when the pupils are active and move things around on the screen, but only a few can be active at the same time. I think it´s a great way of staring a lesson or doing things together. Smartboards has the best effect on small children.
    It´s not so easy(its hard) to write on a smartboard with the pens comparing with a whiteboard. It takes o lot of time to prepare lessons but you can also find other lessons on the web and you can share your own. For young learners it´s a super way to use your fingers to do the task. It is a complement to other tactil material of learning.
    My critical analyzis of smartboard is that they are expensive and often used as a white screen. The teachers must get more education and show each other good examples of using it. The smartboards often needs to calibrate often to work as they should.
    I agree is a great tool for the teachers and pupils to engage their teaching and learning. I don´t think it can replace the interaction between people only be a way of interaction. When you are doing things with all your senses you learn the best.
    I like smartboards but all of the colleagues must be involved in the work and discuss the learning by smartboard. It has to be integrated in the school day like a natural tool. I see the advantages with notebook, against office but they can complement each other.
    The teacher needs time to prepare lessons and it takes time but the then the teacher can save it for the future..
    That’s my point of view!

  2. Lucky you that have a Smart board in your classroom! I can see a lot of nice learning opportunities with it.
    For the past two years I have requested a Smart board when the head master has asked for which ICT-tools I need. And for two years she has come back saying that she can not afford it. I think the price is an issue. It is very good that the education for the teacher and the software “Note book” is included in the price, but we had an offer on 20 000 sek and that is a lot of money! The Smart board is nice but expensive...
    I have a projector and a computer with document camera connected to it in my classroom and I can see that I can do a lot similar things with them as I could do with a Smart board. The difference is that I project on a white ordinary screen, I can not save our screen work and I do not have the touchscreen. But I can steam movies, write, show pitures and tohter things to the whole class just as well! The things that I think is most important with these two opportunities (Smart board and my computer with projector) is that the whole class can gather around the same learning opportunity. I think that we can learn much more if we interact with each other!
    Camilla Nilvius