Sunday, 7 April 2013

4 portfoliotasks

My tasks connect to a theme we are going to introduce to the children “Bondgården” in year 1.

Task 1

We will sing “Old MacDonald” first in Swedish then in English. To help with music we will use you tube: in English

Task 2

The children get a papper with different pictures of farmanimal from and the English names of the different animals. They are supposed to draw lines between the right picture and name.

Task 3

I read a story about a kitten living in the coutryside from youtube which I made in the springterm at our course with Mr Satel.

After watching this film we talk about what it meant so that all of the children understand more, I think we will have to use Swedish for this part (in spite of the fact that I like Stephen Krashens theories), since the children are so young and do not have the vocabulary to talk in English yet.

Task 4

The children get to tell about their favourite animal with some prepared sentences. We decide what to say together an write it down so that each child only have to add what animal they like and what the animal eats. I will record them with my mobilephone to save in the fronter-program as their first spoken English.


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