Saturday, 13 April 2013

Susanne Edvards four smaller tasks

My Portfolio Tasks 

1. For three years ago I started a tutor blog in order to inform parents a little bit more about what we were doing in school and to tip the families of all the various things you could do in Stockholm. We have over 60 museums, several nature reserves, you can actually fish salmon in the central of our capital, and how many cities in the world are you able to do that? And of course the local attractions such as Sky view, Globen, city hall and the castle. This is the blog My thought was also to let the children write there and use it instead of the traditional letter that I wrote every week. I liked to write on the blog but it took a lot of time, and it was not supported by my boss to do this in my work time. The problem then was also that I didn’t have access to a computer of my own in school so I had to bring my own with me from home to do this.   I hope that I someday will have the time to make a running blog since I see a lot of purposes with it. Dudeney, G and Hockly, N ( 2007) states that there are some obvious advantages to using blogs in the classroom since it is a real chance for the children to practice on their written English.

 2. Skype is quite a new tool for me. I met the tool during this course and when my daughter got sick in December it became a fantastic way for her to keep in touch with the school topics and her fellow students. Since she was to sick to go to school and to sick to have home teaching  she came up with the idea by her self that maybe a teacher could use Skype to teach her 1 hour a day. And sometimes she can participate in group activities in the school with her friends this way. So I take this with me as a teacher and will keep it in mind if a pupil of my own should get really sick.

 3. Dudeney, G and Hockly, N (2007 page 62) states that Email is one of the most used and useful ICT today. As a teacher I get a huge amount of emails every day, most of them sadly is just junk mails and sometimes I find it difficult to pick over my inbox what to read and not. I know that reading, sending and deleting emails take a lot of time for me as a teacher it takes about 3 hours a week actually. But then I think of what the option is, to write a letter, find an envelope, the address, a stamp and go to the letterbox. Now you can write and send a letter in a very short time. Using email I can send information to all my class parents by just one click.

 4. Smart board is a tool that I hope to get into my classroom in a close future. There is so much you can do if you have access to this tool. If you are talking about a flower that the children doesn’t know you can find a picture of it and show it to all the children at the same time, today I have to use my own smart phone or computer , find the picture and then show each and everyone of the children  two at the time. Smart board is an ICT tool that would really save me lot of time.

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