Sunday, 14 April 2013

My portfolio tasks Ingela Johansson


A projector connected with a computer is a good ICT resource today and should be up in the ceiling of every classroom. This can be used by a teacher in every subject. I have used the projector several times during my English teaching since I started this course. I have shown the pupils movies on the big screen but also when I discovered  we all looked at how to use it. The pupils can use the projector to show their work in the end of a subject area.

Photo story

Photo story is a program from Microsoft that helps you animate pictures and create a digital story in the format WMV (Windows Media Video). At first you have to import pictures to the program and then start to organize them. When the pictures are in the right order you can add text, voice and music. This is something that I have used a couple of times with my pupils. We have both used pictures that the pupils had drawn and pictures from clipart. During an open house at school we have shown the movies in our classroom. In my English teaching I have also used the digital story that I made during this course but also some of the other students stories. This is a really good ICT resource!

Eclipse crossword
Many years ago I found this free program, eclipse crossword. With this program it is easy to create your own crossword. You start by creating a wordlist with as many words as you like and clues for the words. Then you tell the program to create a crossword. When the crossword is created you can choose to print the crossword, the clues and the solution. I have used eclipse in grades 1-3 in different subjects and with different goals. I have used for fun, as a get to know each other tool but also as a test after finishing a subject area. A couple of times I have let the pupils create their own crossword though it is not easy for the pupils to come up with clues for the words. In English teaching this can be used to learn new words.

You tube

My last ICT resource would be you tube. You tube is a video-sharing web site. Most of the videos on you tube is uploaded by individuals. On you tube it is possible to find material to use in English teaching. It can be films or songs in many different ways. The videos that are found can be used as listening exercises and also for learning words. If there is a song on you tube it often can be published together with lyrics which make it easier to focus on the words. As a teacher this is where a lot of stuff can be found. The pupils on the other hand would probably not have the same possibilities to visit you tube at school because many schools have blocked the access. After we had uploaded our digital stories on you tube I have discovered you tube as an ICT resource for education. There are a lot of videos that is excellent for teaching. But as a teacher you need to be critical to both the content of a video and of the language to detect mistakes and errors in the material. I have found some videos and songs that I have used in my classroom but there is much more to find. 

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