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Short movies a tool for the youngest learners in school

Short movies a tool for the youngest learners in school

Kids Zone free ICT resoures

I think it is important that the young children who is learning in a new language should have fun and that they are on the right level. There are a lot of games for the younger learners to play of their own. But I think it is important that they all are together in a group and are looking at the same things and afterwards try to make a dialogue or discussion.
I do not think that it is so much films for young learners. Often it is because the learners have not learned sufficiently large vocabulary to understand the content of a film.
But in Av-media you can find short movies that you easily can stream to a projector or a smartbord, so everybody can see it together. The chosen section are only two or three minutes long and after that it repeat further ten minutes from similar themes.
The films are called Kids Zone.I recomend the films to children between 6-9 years old. They are very good to use for students in grades one and two as a presentation of a theme.
There are twenty six small video clips. There, you will learn the first colors, fruits,clothes, count in English and more. The names of the films are common phrases that are most common used. Some of the titles are "Hello, what's your name?", "I'am seven years old," "This is my family" and "I live in a town '."
The movies contains songs, rhymes, skits and short dialogues from children and adults. These songs and chants are repeated and become easily recognizable.
Worth watching and have a nice time.

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