Sunday, 14 April 2013 Ingela Johansson

In my class 3, I am using It was one of my pupils that told me about this site and when we looked at it during a class they all got excited. Some of the pupils used the games the first week and came back very eager to show me the words they learned.

This is a website for learning words in different ways. The site can be used for learning several languages but also for mathematics. To be able to use this website you need to become a member of the site and create a user. The site is free to use but if you want to be able to listen to the words, you need to buy Premium. It can be bought private on a monthly basis or on a school or municipal level.

When you are creating a user you are able to choose to log in as a teacher or as a pupil. As a teacher you can start a group for your pupils and create wordlists and exercises for them. The pupils can join your group and easily use the wordlists and exercises. There are 10 different games that can be played using the wordlist. The games have a wide range, for example driving a car, sorting letters, playing a quiz and playing memory.  It is also possible for the pupils to take an ordinary word test. When creating a wordlist or an exercise it is possible to insert pictures connected to the words and the games.

I think this is a good way for me as a teacher to distribute the weekly English words to my pupils. It is also a great and fun way for them to learn the words. During these months when we have used this site the pupils also have been sending me messages through the site. Usually they are writing to me in Swedish but I am mostly answering them in English. I am going to try to expand the work with messages and use it more deliberate in my English teaching.

It is possible for the teacher to go to each exercise and see if it has been used which is good but I am missing a function where the teacher can see how each pupil is working with the wordlists.  

Ingela Johansson


  1. Hello Ingela,

    I also use this site with my students.

    Since I am having students in upper secondary school I guess it is easier for me to motivate them to write in English. Many of them are used to chat on all kind of different game sites sO we are having a lot of discussions about what is OK to write. They are an other generation, that is one thing for sure!

  2. I have just started teaching English with my class and after looking at I feel that this is a great way for my pupils to learn English. I agree with you that these exercises seem to be a fun way to learn English. It is an advantage that it is free of charge but a pity that you have to pay for listening to the words. I feel that it is very important for the pupils to hear the words and not just reading them. I love that there are several games. Learning in a playful way is so much easier and funnier, especially for the younger children, than more traditional learning. It sounds great that you can insert pictures to the wordlist. I believe it is easier to learn words when you see a picture next to a word than without the picture. It makes it easier to remember.
    Thank you for your tips! I am sure that I am going to use a lot in my class.
    Maria Kjellberg